• Best Tasteless Magnesium Peroxide ≥10% Active Component CAS 1335 - 26 - 8 wholesale
    ..., % ≤6.5 Bulk Density, g/L 400-800 pH(1%suspension) 9.5-11.5 Description: Magnesium peroxide is a fine, odorless and tasteless white or yellowish powder. Similar to Calcium Peroxide, it is another kind of oxygen release agent which... more
    Brand Name:Jiehua
    Model Number:Industrial grade
    Place of Origin:China

    Tasteless Magnesium Peroxide ≥10% Active Component CAS 1335 - 26 - 8

  • Best Hydrogen Peroxide Regeneration Agent wholesale
    ... advantages of non powder, constant soft, high clarity, long life and strong ability to produce hydrogen more
    Brand Name:Dragon
    Model Number:Hydrogen Peroxide Regeneration Agent
    Place of Origin:China

    Hydrogen Peroxide Regeneration Agent

  • Best Urea Peroxide/new substitute chemical for Urea/CO(NH 2 ) ,H 2 O 2,also named hydrogen peroxide urea wholesale
    ... compound of hydrogen peroxide and urea. Its molecular formula is CO(NH 2), H 2 O 2, and its relative molecular weight is 94.07.It is a new fine chemical product, a new solid disinfectant and a good oxidant. Urea more
    Brand Name:Hengchang-Urea Peroxide
    Model Number:HC-UR1-Urea Peroxide
    Place of Origin:China

    Urea Peroxide/new substitute chemical for Urea/CO(NH 2 ) ,H 2 O 2,also named hydrogen peroxide urea

  • Best Hydrogen peroxide stabilizers recipe testing, hydrogen peroxide stabilizer component tests wholesale
    ... recipe testing, hydrogen peroxide stabilizer component tests Hydrogen peroxide stabilizer blend fabric often used for desizing, scouring, bleaching bath process, as well as printing after washing, processing and finishing process.Do hydrogen peroxide the... more
    Brand Name:WEIPUJISHU
    Model Number:water treatment composition test
    Place of Origin:SHANGHAI

    Hydrogen peroxide stabilizers recipe testing, hydrogen peroxide stabilizer component tests

  • Best Hydrogen peroxide wholesale
    ... Delivery Detail: AT ONCE Product Characters Hydrogen peroxide stabilizing agent YC-21 used for preventing the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and effectively controlling the decomposition speed of hydrogen peroxide. The product contains no silicon... more
    Brand Name:Hbocean
    Place of Origin:China

    Hydrogen peroxide

  • Best Milk mixed with hydrogen peroxide wholesale
    ... milk, often adding hydrogen peroxide, which is a violation of the food hygiene law. Hydrogen peroxide in fresh milk can be reacted with the detection of blue, using visual method to determine whether it contains hydrogen peroxide. [operational... more
    Categories:Pasteurized Milk Processing Line

    Milk mixed with hydrogen peroxide

  • Best DAHNET-7688 hydrogen peroxide stabilizer Introduction (bleach accelerator) wholesale
    ... + OH-= HOO-+ H2O Increased oxidative capacity , while also increasing the possibility of the following reversible reaction , OOH-+ H2O2 = OH-+ H2O + O2 Heavy metal ions by contacting the peroxide or a hydrogen peroxide decomposing enzyme , H2O2... more
    Categories:Organic Acid
    Telephone:0546-6861222 6861168

    DAHNET-7688 hydrogen peroxide stabilizer Introduction (bleach accelerator)

  • Best GY-CI-H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide Inhibitor wholesale
    ... GYC Model Number GY-CI-H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide Inhibitor GY-CI-H2O2 Introduction To suppress decomposition of hydrogen peroxide at the higher temperature 55-85℃ which still display the oxidation function. It is also the... more
    Categories:PVC Stabilizer

    GY-CI-H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide Inhibitor

  • Best HAIR DYE Hydrogen Peroxide Cream wholesale
    ... added surfactant of alkenes has an anti-allergy function to prevent scalp allergy cause by stimulation, and make the process of coloring more gentle and comfortable. Directions: Choose correct concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide... more
    Categories:Anti - Hair Loss Cream

    HAIR DYE Hydrogen Peroxide Cream

  • Best Hydrogen peroxide exhaust gas heavy aromatics recovery unit wholesale
    ... Equipment for Hydrogen Peroxide Tail Gas Author:Updated:2014-8-31 8:57:03Views:327 0 With the development of hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) industry, heavy aromatics as an important indicator of anthraquinone hydrogen peroxide, has become... more
    Categories:Refrigerant Recovery Unit

    Hydrogen peroxide exhaust gas heavy aromatics recovery unit

  • Best fz-116 Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer wholesale
    ...Products > High Efficienty Antifoaming Agent Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer Product name:Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer Item:fz-116 Details: Brief Introduction This biologically inert product is prepared with modified ... more
    Categories:Hydrogen Water
    Telephone:86 533 8179440

    fz-116 Hydrogen Peroxide Stabilizer

  • Best Hydrogen Peroxide Technology wholesale
    ...fuel, inorganic and organic peroxides, foamed plastic and other porous materials. Section A. Hydrogen Peroxide Production Process There are many hydrogen peroxide production methods. Hydrogen peroxide is produced in the fixed bed oxidation reactor by using... more
    Categories:Industrial Water Treatment Chemical
    Telephone:519 86151507

    Hydrogen Peroxide Technology

  • Best Chemicals Hydrogen peroxide (50%) wholesale
    ...Hydrogen peroxide (50%) Cas No.:7722-84-1 Beilstein:3587191 Molecular formula:H2O2 Molecular weight:34.01 Property: ... more
    Categories:Kids' Water Playground

    Chemicals Hydrogen peroxide (50%)

  • Best zinc peroxide wholesale
    ... white or yellowish solid peroxide produced by adding zinc oxide or hydroxide to a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Zinc peroxide is a temperature stable solid. It is insoluble in water, and dissolves in acids, forming hydrogen peroxide. It decomposes at... more
    Brand Name:WHC
    Model Number:1314-22-3
    Place of Origin:China

    zinc peroxide

  • Best QL-2000/3000 Hydrogen Generator wholesale
    ...Product Description Product Introduction The series of products, producing highly pure hydrogen by utilizing SPE technology to electrolyze pure water (no adding alkali), are light, highly effective, energy-saving, and of environmental... more
    Place of Origin:shandong
    brief:any questions please mail to shadow@chtechint.com
    Application:Application 1. Fuel gas and carrier gas for GC (Gas ...

    QL-2000/3000 Hydrogen Generator

  • Best hydrogenation purification device wholesale
    ... by adding hydrogen to generate water to remove residual oxygen after further dehydrogenation re-entering the deep dehydration of the drying system to get high purity nitrogen. Technical Features Automatic control hydrogenation capacity... more
    Model Number:TJHN
    Place of Origin:China
    Category:Hydrogen Peroxide

    hydrogenation purification device

  • Best Raneys Nickel Hydrogenation wholesale
    ... used in hydrogen adding into various non-saturation hydrocarbon; it is also a very good catalyst used for dehydrogenation, oxidize de-halogen and sulphur; in the industries of petroleum, chemicals, medicine, oil, perfume, hydrogen peroxide solution... more
    Categories:Other Nickel Alloys
    Telephone:+86-533-6259666 6259333 6259817

    Raneys Nickel Hydrogenation

  • Best Calcium Peroxide wholesale
    ...: Calcium peroxide or Calcium dioxide (CaO2) is a solid peroxide with a white or yellowish color. For all practical purposes calcium peroxide is insoluble in water but will dissolve in acid to form hydrogen peroxide. When in... more
    Categories:Polypropylene Raw Material

    Calcium Peroxide

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