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Silver,black non-toxic reflective Mylar 210D/600D Oxford fabric for grow tent/Room Cover,Antiglare Coated Aluminum Foil

Categories Tube Wrap Film Sheet Cover
Model Number: WHATSAPP: 008613780964661
Certification: ISO 9001:2000, FDA, HACCP, SGS, EN13432
Place of Origin: BAGEASE.CN
MOQ: 1000pieces Skype: mydearneil
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1 MILLION PER MONTH
Delivery Time: 15 DAYS
Packaging Details: 2000PCS/CARTON
Ground Cover: Mulch Film
Greenhouse Cover Film: Aluminum Foil Bubble Film
Mylar Film Coated Woven Plastic Fabric: Blackout Canvas Film
Metalized PET PE Laminated Film: Reflective Mylar Film
Black and White Panda Film: Clear PET or PE film
Aluminum Plastic Woven Fabric: Air Bubble Double Foil Insulation
VMBOPP Metalized BOPP film: VMPET Metalized PET film
VMPE Metalized PE film: Agricultural Plastic Film
Hydroponic Reflective & Insulation Film: Industrial Metalized Film
Construction Film: Bubble Foil Insulation
EPE Foam Insulation: XPE Foam Insulation
Foil Fiberglass Cloth: FSK- Foil Scrim Kraft
Foil Woven CLoth: Pure Aluminum Foil
Metalized Aluminum Foil: Stretch Film
Wine Skin bag: Air Inflatable Column Bag
Bubble Envelope Mailer: Bubble Film
Bubble Bag: Building Insulation Material
Radiant Barrier & Building Sarking: Lamination Aluminum Foil
Multi Layers Foil Insulation: Swimming Pool Solar Cover
Concrete Curing Blanket: Blanket
Carpet Protective Film: Plastic sheet
builders film: construction geomembrane
Builder's Film: Builder Film
POF Package Film Stretch Shrink Film: shrink wrap film
Center-fold: Single wound
POF shrink bags: Printing on film
Cross-linked film: Anti-fog film
Micro-perforated film: Pre-perforated film
PVA water soluble plastic film, water soluble film: water soluble film
PVC WRAP: Cast Cling Film
PE Embroidery Trick Film: PE Hot Melt Film for Embroidery
Cold Water Soluble Nonwoven Fabric: Cold Water Soluble Paper
20C Cold Water Soluble PVA Film: PO(EAA) Hot Melt Adhesive Film
TPU Hot Melt Adhesive Film: Metal Bonding Polymer Film
Cold Water Soluble Cotton: PES Hot Melt Adhesive Film
PA Hot Melt Adhesive Film: Hot Water Soluble Paper
Hot Water Soluble Paper: PA Hot Melt Adhesive Film
PES Hot Melt Adhesive Film: Cold Water Soluble Cotton
Metal Bonding Polymer Film: TPU Hot Melt Adhesive Film
PO(EAA) Hot Melt Adhesive Film: 20C Cold Water Soluble PVA Film
Cold Water Soluble Paper: Cold Water Soluble Nonwoven Fabric
PE Hot Melt Film for Embroidery: PE Embroidery Trick Film
fiberglass: radiant barrier
Swimming Pool Solar Covers: Pool Covers
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Silver,black non-toxic reflective Mylar 210D/600D Oxford fabric for grow tent/Room Cover,Antiglare Coated Aluminum Foil

Product Name
pool cover, solar cover, pool blanket, solar blanket
Blue/Gold,Blue/Sliver,Blue/Black,Blue,Green or customized
12mm or 15mm
according to your request
Bubble height
3.5mm, 3.7mm, or customized

Multi layers aluminum foil insulations for roofing, wall and floor


Bagease Multi foil Insulation material provide good thermal barrier property,but only with 38mm

thickness.Compared with the traditional insulation material,like glass wool,foam,rock wool,our

material can not only seal your roof from the wind and dust as a envelop,but keep the inside air

multi-foil insulation material can give you a very high thermal barrier rate,7.17M2.k/w.

Bagease Multi Foil Insulation Material is a very flexible ,easy to install and high performance thermal insulation material,in a 38 mm thin,flexible,multi-layer blankets for roofs and walls. It is an insulation solution complying with the highest insulation, airtightness and vapour resistance performance while being only 38mm thick. It is ideal for roofs and attic conversions.

Bagease Multi foil Insulation material provide good thermal barrier property,but only with 38mmthickness.Compared with the traditional insulation material,like glass wool,foam,rock wool,our,material can not only seal your roof from the wind and dust as a envelop,but keep the inside air.multi.foil insulation material can give you a very high thermal barrier rate,7.17M2.k/w.

Working Principle

The flow smoothly,providing you a good ventilation living surrounding.after installing,your roof will

retain dry and warm in winter,while prevent overheating in summer.The thickness is 38mm and

the beams and rafter can be lefted exposed,so our material will save valuable living space in the attic.

Technology Data
17 layers
Total layer number
Weight of polywool
Thickness of EPE foam
Thickness of silver film
Quantity of silver film
Weight of both sides silver woven
Strength of woven
Protective silver film
Emissivity of outer
Emissivity of inner
R Value of blanket
Sewing size of stitches
Position of sewing
Thickness of finished material(well pressed)
Around 15
Weight of finished roll
Square meter

Aluminum Bubble Foil Heat Reflective Insulation Sheets for roof floor an dwall

Product Introduction:

The product consists of three layers of aluminum foil with plastic bubble laminated between the aluminum foil,provides excellent insulation: Reflects up to 97% of radiant energy in addition to resisting other types of heat transfer from conduction, convection and radiation. The two side aluminum foil forms an effective barrier against moisture, air currents and vapors.
It is an economical solution for a wide range of industrial, manufacturing and consumer applications.

Main MaterialAlu + (single / double) PE bubble + Alu
Other Material StructureMPET + (single / double) PE bubble
MPET + (single / double) PE bubble + MPET
Alu + (single / double) PE bubble
Alu + (single / double) PE bubble + Alu
Alu + woven + (single / double) PE bubble + Alu
Alu + woven + (single / double) PE bubble + woven + Alu
Alu + woven + (single / double) PE bubble + Alu + Anti-glare coating Alu + (single / double) PE bubble + woven + Alu + Anti-glare coating
Air Bubble Size¢ : 10mm, H: 2.5mm; ¢ : 10mm, H: 4mm; ¢ : 10mm, H: 6mm; ¢ : 20mm, H: 7mm; ¢ : 25mm, H: 8mm; ¢ : 25mm, H: 10mm
Coating ColorBlue, Green, Pink, Orange or customized
MPET/ Al Foil Thickness:12micron/7 micron
Product Thickness:2mm-10mm
Normal Roll size:1.2m *30m/roll ; 1.2m *40m/roll; 1.35m *22.25m/roll; can be customized
Packing:1 roll/ clear plastic bag or customized logo printing packing bag accept

Data Sheet:

Material Structure: AL/Bubble/AL
Bubble Size:D10mm*H 4mm(10*2.5/10*4/10*6/20*7/25*10)choose the bubble size
Bubble Weight:130gsm
Roll Width:1.2m (lenth can be customized)
Thermal conductivity0.034w/m0
Apparent Density85kg/m3
Water Vapour Transmission0.013g/M2kpa
Corrosiondoesn't generate
Tensile Strength(MD)16.98Mpa
Tensile Strength(TD)16.5Mpa

Installation methods and Installation Projects:

  • Measure the metal roof to determine the amount of bubble foil wrap insulation required for the project. Purchase approximately 10 to 15 percent more product than required to account for overlapping and to provide the proper air gap between the purlins -- the horizontal lengths of wood that support the roof panels between the rafters.
  • Cover the metal roof purlins with double-sided adhesive tape. Unroll the foil wrap insulation and attach it to the first purlin. Continue to unroll the foil insulation and attach it the remaining purlins, paying attention to allow the insulation to sag at least 1 inch between the horizontal members. The sagging provides an air gap that raises the insulation’s efficiency.
  • Continue to attach the Aluminum foil bubble insulation to the metal roofing purloins, overlapping the adjoining sheets 2 inches as you go. This is a temporary hold to keep the bubble foil wrap in place while you prepare the next step.
  • Secure the bubble foil to the framing members with furring strips. Attach the furring strips perpendicular to the purloins every 24 inches to the framing members with 2-inch metal screws, paying attention to not disrupt the insulation’s sagging. Use a drill equipped with a screwdriver bit to drive the screws into the framing members.
  • Cover the seams of the bubble insulation with foil tape.


Roof,Ceiling,Wall,Floor,Attic,Livestock Shelters,Basement,Factory buildings,Duct wrappings,Container liner,Sun-stop cover and vehicles.
1. Thermal insulation and light inflecting in the constrction and protection for both cold winter and water piper
2. Separation of refrigerator,warm keeping for center air-conditioned,refrigerator and other home appliances
3. Thermal insulation,sound absorption and noise reduction for car ,train, refrigerator car and laboratory, moisture proof cushion for traveling.

Building insulation material for construction is a brand new heat insulation product manufactured of polyethylene bubble/foam sheet faced with aluminium foil on the one or two sides. It can reflect 97% radiant heat and reduces energy costs used in winter heating and summer cooling. Reflective Foil thermal insulation is only a few millimeters thick, its two sides of aluminium foil reflects more than 97% thermal energy that reaches it .In summer, almost all the sunlight and heat is bounced back into the air, Keeping the heat out of the air conditioned building. In winter, Almost all the heat generated inside the building is retained. Also, The bubble/foam sheet in between the aluminium foil offer thousands of empety air cells, which makes the heat more difficult to pass through.1) Thickness: 0.017-0.03MM
2) Width: 300MM 450MM 500MM
3) Length: as your request
4) Color: transparent/clear,black,green,and so on
5) Net weight: on buyer's option
6) Packing: cartons or pallets.
Product features:
1.100% New material and accept sample order.
2.Excellence and beautiful, the high grade product.
3.Easy to be pulled out and cut.
4. Transparency and no drape and even thickness.
5. Easy to use, can be recycled.

PVA water soluble film
Plastic Film

100% new raw material, LDPE , UV resistance

Thickness: 12 mic --50mic --300 mic .

Colour: Transparent, Black, Red, Blue, Green, etc.

The main products of the company are polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) materials, films and bags etc. We have manufactured a series of products of water-soluble PVA bags for various uses.It could be processed according to customers demand of any size and specification.the water-soluble PVA bags are divided into the inner packing bags and the outer packing bags. Their characteristics are as follows:

1,It will dissolve competely under the normal water temperature(20±5℃) after 5-18 sec.

2,Its final products are CO2 and h3O, non-toxic and non-pollution;

3,The inner packing bags can dissolve completely above 3 ℃, while the outer packing bags can issolve completely above 80 ℃.

4,Printing can be done on both the inner packing bags and the outer packing bags, with clear handwriting, and oil ink and bags will dissolve together.

5 The water-soluble bag has no static electricity, h3 stretching intensity and even tensity .

6,The inner packing bags has heat sealing or tying with the water-soluble rope, while the outer packing bags can have nylon string and self-adhesive foil.

7,The size of water-soluble packing bags can range freely between 4cm*4cm---120cm*120cm.

8,Can be weighted exactly, no waste.

Food Grade POF shrinkable label Shrink Film

Product Name: Polyolefin POF Heat Shrink Wrap Film
Material: PP + PE
Shrinkage ratio: over 60%
Thickness: 12.5micron (50gauge), 15micron (60gauge), 19micron (75gauga), 25micron (100gauge)
Roll width: 200mm (8") to 1600mm (80")
Roll length: 800m to 1600m for center-folded, 1600m to 3200m for single wound
for standard sizes, please refer to the SPECIFICATIONS below
Type: single wound, corner folded (also called center-folded,), tube

Specifications :

Thickness (mic/gauge)
15/ 60
19/ 75
Width (mm)
Length (Single Wound)
Length (Center Fold)
Length (Tubular)

Packaging Details :
Bags or film rolling on the 3" paper core ,With film bag covered on outside .
each sides of core with plastic cap
All rolls loading on plastic pallet (1300*1100*150mm)
For container loading ,suggest use gusseted fold type
20ft: 8pallets/8-10tons
40ft: 16pallets/16-23tons

Delivery Time:
FCL container or LCL container,by sea or by air
20 days after receiving the deposit payment

12mic 19mic heat shrink Perforation POF Shrink film

1. Shrink film thickness and width:
Thickness:10mic, 12.5mic, 15mic, 19mic, 25mic and 30mic etc.

2. Shrink film grade:
Can be divided into normal grade, medical grade, high strength grade;
Can be made of tubular film, L-type fold film and single film,
Can be processed into tube bags, flat pockets, ladder bags, round bags and so on.

POF Shrink film FEATURES
Cast film, high clarity and shrink rates at transverse direction, well distributed thickness, anti-static treatment for increasing printing and labeling speed.
-Suitable for a broad range of applications: tamper evident seals, Pre-forms, and full body sleeve labels.
-Low shrink initiation temperature.
-Long shell life at recommended storage temperatures.
-Excellent for printing high quality graphics.
-Ideal for high speed applications.
-Can be printed without surface treatment.
-Lighter and more cost effcient than tranditional packaging.

sinlg would length
center folded length

POF film type

POF film: Center-fold/Single wound/POF shrink bags,Printing on film,Cross-linked film,Anti-fog film,Micro-perforated film,Pre-perforated film etc

POF package shrink film application:

The POF shrink films are used for labeling and packing products in various industries:
-Food & beverage industries: Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Liquors, Pickles, Jams, Jellies, Fruit Juices, Tea, Coffee,Spices, Ghee, Edible Oils etc. in Bottles / Cans / Jars
-Printing & Packaging industries
-Cosmetic & Toiletry industries: Powder, Perfume, Hair Oil, Shampoo etc. in bottles & jars
-Pharmaceutical industries: Liquid Bottles, Tablet/Powder, Containers & Jars
-Electrical industries: for bus bar application and insulation tape packing
-Stationery & Writing instrument industries

POF film Packing details:
one roll of pof heat shrink film in one carton box; tens of cartons in a pallet;
10~12 pallets pack into 1*20 ft. container;
20~22 pallets load into 1*40 ft. container

Characteristics:PE shrink film is made from high-pressure polythene mixed with relevant auxiliary materials through huffing once, so it features tenacity, softness, impact-resistance and unbreakable.

Varieties: We can make tube-film, L-shaped opposite folding film and single layer film according to customers' request, as well as pipe-bags, flat-orifice bags, trapezoid bags.

Main purpose: suitable for packing of beverage, mineral water, beer, stacks, building materials, metalwork, dairy, glass bottles, and other large equipment and goods.

Cheap Silver,black non-toxic reflective Mylar 210D/600D Oxford fabric for grow tent/Room Cover,Antiglare Coated Aluminum Foil for sale
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