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Smart IC card water control machine/bath enterprise staff card/bathroom water meter/bathroom water control machine facto

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Brand Name: PF
Model Number: PF1704
Place of Origin: china
MOQ: 1/set
Price: USD:50/set
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1000/set/weeks
Delivery Time: Within 7 working days after received the payment
Packaging Details: Independent packing
color: White, black, red, etc
Card type: IC card, Mifare 1
Operating range: 30-50 mm
Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
Reading and writing time: < 0.1 S
Hairpin capacity: 50000pcs
Memory capacity: 6000article
Working voltage: DC12V
Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 70 ℃
Overall dimensions: 195 mm * 130 mm * 33 mm
Power consumption: < 3 w
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Smart IC card water control machine/bath enterprise staff card/bathroom water meter/bathroom water control machine facto

Our company is the latest version of a body of water control machine and fission water control machine, new powerful, simple installation, card water, water drawing card, software installation use, operation is simple and convenient. New features: 1, support the timing, measuring arbitrary switching; 2, support custom sector; 3, support offline report the loss and offline fill back to the remaining sum inside card; 4, support daily indefinitely and limited. 5, support card use is valid; 6, in strong magnetic field or damage to the meter machine automatically close the valve; 7, DeJin support card, card balances below card DeJin not water; 8 consumption, support groups, different groups of machines is not general, very apply the student apartment; 9, support functions of discounts and ladder consumption; 10, support zero deduction, not prepaid phone can also realize the daily limit, very suitable for the enterprises and institutions and factories.

Water resources is more and more a lack of earth, water is the lifeline of human, saving water, from now on! As long as the place of the tap water, can use IC card water control device to achieve the goal of saving water, such as schools, factories public bathroom, student dormitory, apartment buildings, boiled water room, laundry room and house, etc.

After-sales service:

1, the company's products a year warranty, free three months replacement, life-long maintenance.

2, to provide the necessary technical support, including telephone and network remote technical support.

3, provide free software upgrade services.

4, artificial damage and natural disasters to be outside the scope of free warranty and replacement.

Smart card water system solutions

School case 1: a ticket to take a bath, don't wash the white wash, average water for 30 minutes.

A university in Beijing before not installed using IC card water control system, is used by a bath system, according to statistics, students take a shower about water for 30 minutes at a time (female classmate water longer), waste. Installation using IC card control system after bathing, showering water charged according to actual traffic, students want to delivery of the cost of water per minute, therefore in the process of bathing, everyone consciously frequently switch to save water, shower time also greatly reduced, in an average of 10 to 15 minutes, saving water is above 50%.

Case 2: the factory to take a bath and laundry, faucet, take a shower too hard.

South a factory workers more than 4000 people, the factory have a bath, free to take a bath, for the staff employees basically take a shower every day, every time a bath for an average of more than 20 minutes, especially female employees to accompany it in bath wash his clothes, and long-term occupation of faucet, lining up and waiting outside a bath, often appear baths to contend for the things of faucet and fight, wait until the people behind the shower and clothes, time is already late into the night, and the next day to get up early to work, many employees rest not guaranteed. And due to the local government implement step charge, on charges of water factory charge for excess water is very high.

Factory to supervise and urge employees to save water and improve the utilization rate of bathhouse, decided to install water-saving controller in employee bathhouse. Company will be a monthly subsidy of water of certain amount prepaid phone directly to the staff in the IC card, employee pay by IC card shower himself, unused water subsidies can continue to use the cumulative to the next month, such as subsidies for the water is not enough to use, their pay top-up. Since this and installed water-saving measures the controller, the effect is very obvious, not only the water drop to the government's limits, take a shower of the time and staff on a lot of, improve the utilization rate of the bathhouse, solved the problem of the employees to take a bath crowded.

Case 3: split the water bill, so unfair.

A dormitory, a total of eight people, sharing a shower faucet, water by monthly service charge, and then by the dormitory eight evenly spread, the results often appear in the process of allocation of contradictions, because the frequency of the eight people to take a bath, and wash time is different, some take a shower as long as 10 minutes, but some will nearly an hour, take a shower so fast people think why should let me out so much money, for a long time, take a shower quickly also washed over time, slowly and often psychological imbalance, which cause a lot of water waste, but also to make antinomy.

After administration to understand the problem, to install a water saving in their controllers, such will pay for his bath, don't have the time long will shorten the time slowly, and everyone out of their costs, also reduce many contradictions.

Function characteristics:

Pieces in cold water and hot water environment all can use.

Support ladder charge, charge more flexible.

Support custom sector, the user can be set up flexible use.

The unique water-saving design, card of the water, water drawing card.

Mixer can limit each card every day the highest water consumption, excess refused to water.

Support each card of the minimum daily consumption function, ensure that the benefits of investors.

In pieces in the external magnetic field interference or damage to the meter machine automatically close the valve.

Type mixer timing and flow meter type can pass card free switch function, convenient and quick.

Support to work offline, also supports 485 networking work, meet the functional requirements of different users.

Mixer support offline report the loss and make up for the function of the remaining sum inside card, by report the loss of the card report the loss of the blacklist and card).

Support zero deduction, users do not need to prepaid phone can be used, and can limit each card the biggest water time and water every day.

Cold water from support functions, flexible solved the user is not used for a long time, the rest of the cold water in pipes, make more reasonable charge.

Support IC card DeJin function, when the balance in the card to be less than set card DeJin, water control machine will appear the error code, can't normal billing and outlet.

Support multiple CARDS such consumption, different card class be separately set limit and rate, convenient user classification management, maximum four categories of card.

Pieces support be set different categories, different levels can be set to not universal, but can use the same top-up machine to prepaid phone, convenient to use more humanized management.

Six high brightness LED digital display, can real-time dynamic display card balance in the body and is more suitable for outdoor light offline use.

The optimization of mixer adopts imported farah capacitance electronic circuit design, ensure no circumstances suddenly loses power can safely close the valve.

Mixer adopts full seal waterproof design, electronic control and actuator are waterproof seal processing, suitable for bathroom, bathhouse, apartment high humidity and all kinds of harsh environment use. Ensure product has higher stability and durability.

Mixer adopts IC card for Mifare 1 contactless smart CARDS, prepaid phone CARDS on the rich resources, large capacity of IC chips on the card, has 16 sectors can be allocated to use, can realize one cartoon.

Pricing is high precision, minimum billing amount: $0.01, the minimum billing time: 1 seconds, minimum billing flow: 0.01 liters. ..

Pieces of water control machine and electromagnetic valve are dc low voltage, fully ensure the safety of the user.

Way to use electronic purse deduction, accounts more accurate, more safety data.

Smart IC card water control system feasibility analysis report

Smart IC card water control system is aiming at the present state of water and the actual characteristics of the development of high and new intelligent water-saving management system. This system take the user card out of the water, water supply, multi-purpose charge more, use less charge less, no money in the card automatically close the valve to stop the use of the water supply way. Through the card can be easily rate setting, parameter setting, without complex network. The operation is simple, easy to use. Used widely, such as schools, industrial and mining, public bathroom, boiled water room and house, laundry, etc. Smart IC card water control system is a new measures to solve the waste of water resources. Saving water has become a global problem urgently to be solved at present. Save resources, avoid waste, the company provides solutions for you!

Smart IC card water control management system will produce the real economic and social benefits? When to recover the investment cost is the most concern of the investors. Let's look at the following a set of data: this is a university in hunan province, the school teachers and students there are about 12000 people) after the installation of the smart IC card water control system, other factors under the condition of basically the same, the school logistics management department carefully comprehensive statistics and actual test results. (this method is also applicable to industrial and mining, public bathroom, boiled water room, etc.)

Comparative studyBefore the installationAfter installation
The average bath number1400 people per day2000 people per day
Students pay an average bath$0.3$0.18
waterPer capita water0.40 tons0.17 tons
On the water14000 tons of8500 tons of
Average monthly water price ($0.3 / ton)Us $4200Us $2550
coalPer capita consumption of coal0.004 tons0.0017 tons
On coal consumption140 tons of85 tons of
Average monthly coal fee ($40 / ton)Us $5600Us $3400
Monthly incomeUs $10500Us $9000
Month totalUs $9800Us $5950

By the table it is not hard to see, the use of smart IC card water control system, although the school the same total, but reduced spending two 5, increase the income 25000 yuan a month, at the same time, water, coal almost two 5, fairly obvious economic benefit.

Let's do a simple analysis:

A and economic benefit

1, before installation of the smart IC card water control system, the school student bathroom open six times a week, every time a bath time is 4 hours, an average of about 1400 people a day washs bath, the bathroom shower head totaled 200, open 25 days a month, the site measured a nozzle flow is about 0.7 tons per hour.

This calculation, the bathroom every open, water reached: 0.7 x 4 x 200 = 560 tons; Present students for an average bath: 60 minutes (1400 present 4 present 200) = 34.2 minutes (including the part after the bath waste water valve business time). If use coal heating, hot water price is $0.4 per ton (oil heating is about $3, natural gas is about $2.2). According to normal bath time calculation, the boy took an average of 15 minutes, girls need to 25 minutes, and the actual average time was 34.2 minutes, 14.2 minutes of them were ruthlessly wasted. School every open bathroom, therefore, that there are 0.7 * 14.2 present 60 * 1400 = 231.9 tons of water have been mercilessly waste; More costs $0.4 / ton (t = 231.9 $92 ($510 oil at $695, natural gas). Calculated on the bathroom use 6 months of the year time, the school of water resources waste and the cost of the spending is shocking!

2, after installing equipment operating conditions

After install the system, because the shower head greatly improve the utilization rate, students more water, makes bath number can be increased to 2000 people a day, wash bath time is shortened to 20 minutes, each nozzle decreased to 0.7 tons of water per hour. If according to 0.06 yuan/minute charges (oil need $0.03, natural gas is $0.021), so the net income of $0.001 a day * 2000-20 $0.4 * 0.7 * (20 x 2000 present 60) = $146. 6 months a year, according to the time calculation, may be the net income of $146 * (182 present 7 x 6) = $22776. Now a day on average more than 340 tons of water, save by two 5. Then, using the intelligent water control system will increase the burden of students? Don't. Boys, for example, generally bath for 15 minutes, about spending $0.78 or so, not only does not increase, it also will be reduced. Do not install the system, increase rate will reduce losses? The answer is no. For improve the charge standard, will no doubt will be part of the students into the social public baths, bath wash bath to school and the students will become less and less, that this is not high income becomes more poor, it is bath losses of real "curse" of the school; Even increased fees, but if the lack of effective management means, don't save water, the school bath also lose money. According to statistics, a number of around 300 school bathroom shower nozzle, calculated by use of six months of the year, losses to above $7000 a year, and after using smart IC card water control system, not only compensate for the losses, also increases the income ten yuan a year, the benefits of using the system is self-evident. At the same time, smart IC card water control system of small investment, quick effect. A set of system, only need ten yuan investment, the school year is basic (mainly comes from savings) can be retrieved.

Using smart IC card water control system, at the same time of day endowment income, also can bring many benefits to users:

A, more fair and reasonable charge. More water charge more, less water charge less, more in line with the consumer psychology of students, but also avoids some students intentionally bad habits of waste water, delay the time.

Second, reduce the labor intensity of the workers. Department no duty system, Chinese bathroom entrance set a enough to managers, the staff can be appropriately to streamline, save labor costs, the administrator don't have to worry about students not credit card, not to vote, truly modern, scientific management, greatly improves the management level.

Three, IC card water control machine completely offline use, avoid the failure caused by network wiring.

Second, the social efficiency

Our country is a country with a grave shortage of water resources, according to statistics show that China's per capita share of water less than one over ten of the world average, and under the condition of the water is so scarce, waste water resources phenomenon is quite serious in our country, to save water is urgent. Although our country also in promoting water-saving projects, but only the propaganda is not enough, must have a set of effective management methods and means, and use the intelligent water control system is to solve water waste and water management in colleges and universities is one of the most ideal solution. Using intelligent water control system, colleges and universities the most direct feeling water is significantly lower, average water saving in more than half. One of around ten thousand universities, the average annual water in more than one hundred thousand tons, and adopts the intelligent IC card water control system, can save water fifty thousand tons a year, the social benefit is amazing. Using this system, can bring twice the result with half the effort, "once investment, lifelong benefit".

Note: the above data by our own testing budget, concrete on the basis of the cost of each country.

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