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Activated Alumina ball


Activated Alumina ball

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Activated Alumina ball

[alias]: activated alumina, activated alumina, activated alumina desiccant, activated alumina ball

[name]: Activated English activated alumina ball

[characteristic]: activated alumina porous, non-toxic, colorless, odorless, no powder, insoluble in water, ethanol, has strong adsorption of fluoride, mainly used in high fluoride areas of drinking water fluoride removal.

[appearance]: activated alumina ball is a white spherical porous particle particle particle size uniform, round, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, strong adsorption, absorption after expansion, maintaining the original appearance.

[purpose]: mainly used for activated alumina adsorbent, purifying agent, catalyst and catalyst carrier, according to different purposes, the recipe is different.

Effect of activated alumina.

Activated alumina ball has selective adsorption and the role of water vapor and liquid water. After adsorption saturation can be in 175-315 DEG C heating except water activation, activation of activated alumina also can adsorb on, activated alumina can be activated several times. In addition to used as a desiccant, but also from the oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas and other oil pollution to adsorb oil vapor, also as catalysts and catalyst carriers, active alumina belongs to the category of chemical alumina, mainly for adsorption and purification agent, catalyst and catalyst carrier. According to products with different raw materials and production processes are different.

[activated alumina eliminates the fluorine] this product can be used as drinking water in addition to fluorine agent of high fluoride (fluoride removal capacity), fluoride removal agent, transformer oil removal acid, used as industrial oxygen regeneration, textile industry, electronic industry, production of alkyl benzene alkane gas drying cycle, automation instrument table air dry and dry fertilizer, petrochemical and other industries of the desiccant and purification agent (dew point up to - 40 degrees), in the empty sub industry dew points are stable up to 55 degrees below zero adsorption.

Is a kind of trace moisture dry, desiccant. Very suitable for no heat regeneration device.

The methods of fluoride removal from roughly divided into the following

The adsorption filtration method; the membrane method; the flocculation; the ion exchange method.

The main factors of the adsorption performance of activated alumina

The particle size: the smaller the particle size, the adsorption capacity is higher, but the smaller the particle size, particle strength is low, affect the service life.

The pH value of raw water: when the pH value is greater than 5, the lower the pH value, the higher adsorption capacity of activated alumina. The raw water initial fluoride concentration, initial fluoride concentration is high, the high adsorption capacity.

The raw water alkalinity: high bicarbonate concentration in raw water, the adsorption capacity will be reduced.

The chloride and sulfate ions.

Effects of arsenic is: activated alumina arsenic in water with adsorption, the accumulation of arsenic in activated alumina caused decline of fluoride adsorption capacity and regeneration when elution arsenic ion is more difficult.

How to regenerate the activated alumina ball

Regeneration agent with sodium hydroxide solution, also can use aluminum sulfate solution. Solution concentration of NaOH regeneration agent using 0.75%1%, sodium hydroxide consumption can be calculated according to the per 1g fluoride removed the 810g solid sodium hydroxide and regeneration liquid dosage for 3-6 times the volume of filter media. Aluminum sulfate regenerant solution concentration by 2-3%, the consumption of aluminum sulfate can be calculated according to the per 1g fluoride removed to 6080g sulfate solid aluminum.

Chemical activated alumina

The molecular formula:Al2O3 (Formula) - nH2O (0 < n < 3)

The molecular weight (Molecular Weight):101.96 + nH2O)

CAS No.:1344-28-1

The effect of activated alumina desulfurizer

Activated alumina can make desiccant, adsorbent, catalyst, purifying agent and other purposes is a porous, high dispersion of solid materials, activated alumina whether can as desulfurization agent to use, need to understand the desulfurization agent use. Desulfurization agent can remove exhaust gas oxygen and sulphur compounds, as long as can be adsorbed compounds of sulfur dioxide in flue gas of materials can used for desulfurization.

Activated alumina ball itself with the adsorption capacity, for water and gas, water vapor has strong adsorption performance, so acti

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